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I am the working mother of two little minions, just on a new adventure in another province away from my seaside home trying desperately to solve life's many riddles and find inner peace despite all the chaos...and when all else fails there's always wine.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Well as many of you know, today I turned *sigh* 36 years old. How did that happen? Where did the time go? Didn't I just finish playing in the mud, graduate, get married, have babies, get my designation, buy a house, sell a house....wasn't I just 19?  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be 19 again, I don't even want to be 30 again. However the years do seem to be going by faster and faster, like I'm on that god awful New York, New York casino roller coaster that I thought would be fun....it was not fun, I hated it, I kept my eyes closed as tight as Scrooge's wallet the entire time. I hated it.

I feel like I keep talking about things that I want to do and yet never doing them. (Just like I feel like I keep standing in front of the mirror giving myself a manual face lift.  Pull my forehead up, no wrinkles, forehead down wrinkles....where did these wrinkles come from? Since when did my skin move so much?

Over the past few years I've done some stuff that I don't consider to be to shabby.  I was on Oprah, been to hockey games, Shania Twain, completed the ride for MS, a mere 180K ride, been to Maui, Grand Cayman, Vegas, made a major life move, got a great job, been house mother to some awesome kids....life has been pretty good overall. However, today, on my 36th birthday and the start of my 37th year, I have decided to set in internet stone, a "to-do" list.  I do not expect that I will get all of these things done, but if I have learned one thing about myself, over the span of my existence, it has been that when I put things down and say "I WILL DO THIS" my stubbornness jacks up the can-do factor by about 300%. So..........here is my list of things I want to do between now and 9/30/2015 (and no, Botox is not one of them) Wish me luck.

  • Complete the 2015 Ride for MS and surpass last year's fundraising total (so raise more than $2300)
  • Complete a Spartan Sprint
  • Try out for Roller Derby
  • Host a wine swap party
  • Get a tattoo
  • Complete a Grand Fondo....that's 145K in a single day (this might be crazy)
  • Spend more time volunteering at the Calgary Drop In Centre
  • Try cross country skiing
  • Try snow boarding again
  • Get better at poker (so I can kick ass while drinking Old Fashions and smokin' stogies)
  • Write something longer than a blog.
  • Run a 10K (an official 10K not a 10K after dinner)
  • Buy another pair of cowboy boots (this should be the easiest to accomplish)
  • Spend more time just playing with the kids, just playing
  • Get out more, like with friends, date nights etc.
  • Take at least three courses that will make me smarter at work
  • Grow real live vegetables
  • Launch "Project Awesomeness" (stay tuned)
  • Send real paper mail, once a week to someone I love
  • Be calmer, just stress less

This is my list. I love lists. The only thing that makes me love lists more is if each line item has a little check box.  I love check boxes.

I will revisit this list from time to time and let you know how I am doing.  Curious, do you have a list like this? What's on your list? If you don't have a list, why don't you make a list? Why not...why not.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Getting out for a run is good for the body, running with Cora is good for the soul.  I swear I burn more calories laughing and she burns more calories talking; its absolutely priceless and brightens my day every single time we go out together.  Like tonight.............

Cora: OOOOHHH Mommy I'm so fast, let's go fast. Hey, this is the way to my school. I won't trip. I tripped but I'm okay. These pants are dirty. I ate all my dinner you know.

Me: I know sweetie I was there.

Cora: We're fast hey Mommy?

Me:  We sure are

Cora: Do you remember that time we went for a run and Logan worked on my Lego house and added stuff, that was cool right Mommy? Ahhhh Watch out for roots! These sparkly shoes keep me safe because they stick to stuff. Oooh mud. Haha sticky, sticky mud. Oh I got some on my shoes. That's okay. Look a tree that a beaver cut down, hello beaver cut trees. Goodbye beaver trees. If we ran into a beaver I bet he'd invite us into his house. LOOK MOMMY, LOOK MOMMY, A BIG FLUFFY DOG. LOOK AT HIM MOMMY! HE'S SO FLUFFY!! CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Why'd that dog run away from me? I like the leaves, they're so....This is where the coyotes live, up there. I'm good at running up hills. You follow me. Hey that's a......I don't really like Barbie but I do like Barbie so......Can we go to the Ranche House? Can we go if I have to go pee?

Me:  Do you have to go pee?

Cora: No but maybe we could just see what the people are doing in there. Maybe they're doing stuff, like something, or you know. Hey remember when we were running that time and we ran into a moose? That was cool, I liked that moose. It was a nice moose and it was cool. It was up there. I don't see a moose. Hey a bridge. I told you we'd run over a bridge. AHHHHH  ANOTHER DOG, THIS ONE HAS A GIANT HEAD. CAN I PET YOUR DOG? Hey that dog ran away too. Do you think...OOOOOHHH THE SKY IS SO PRETTY, LOOK AT THE SKY MOMMY. The clouds kind of look like they sky is sucking them up, where are they going? Goodbye clouds, I'm waving at you. Ooops I fell in the bushes, but I'm okay.  Do you think Logan is in bed. We're fast hey Mommy?

Me: Yup, super fast Cora

Cora:  Let's go this way. HEY ANOTHER DOG, IT'S SO CUTE AND LITTLE AND CUTE AND FLUFFY, Hi little doggie, hi cute doggie, Can we take a break? I'm tired. Actually no, I'm not tired, let's go. I'M SO FAST, WE'RE RUNNING SO FAST. Actually no, let's take a break. Can we stop? Hey look at all the colours. But that tree isn't changing colours but it's sort of dead so.....LET'S RUN!  Ahhhh duck, branches, actually I don't have to duck, I'm small, you're big, you should duck. Did you duck Mommy?

Me: Yes Cora, I did, thanks for warning me.

Cora:  Good. Can you see our house from here? Is that our house?

Me: Nope it's around the corner

Cora: Oh, can we run to the man on the horse? Hey remember that time we were running and I fell a whole bunch, I didn't like that. That was not fun. This is fun though. I like running. I'm so fast. Abu is a nice cat. A with an accent B-O-O, is that how you spell.....Hey look a bird. The sky is so pretty. The clouds look different now don't they? I like my pony tail. Can we do a pony tail like this for school tomorrow? You know if Peyton had a pony tail IT WOULD BE SO LONG, LIKE SUPER LONG. I'll need to pick out a hair tie when we get home. Are we home yet?

Me: Not quite, just a bit further

Cora: Whew I'm tired. Can we stop now. No let's keep running. No let's stop. Okay let's run. My legs are getting sore.

Me: How about I give you a piggy back ride?

Cora: OH YES, YES, A PIGGY BACK RIDE, WOOOOHHHHHHOOOO. Can you carry me the whole way. HEY I CAN SEE OUR HOUSE! I wonder if we'll see a moose, or a beaver, or a beaver chewed log. I pick flowers sometimes. I picked these...hey there's no flowers. Oh yeah, it's not summer. Is it winter? Oh no wait, it's fall. Yay leaves. I like leaves. Do you remember when we came down to this park and I was like whooohhooooo leaves and Kobe kissed me cause he loves me. He's a nice dog, I love Kobe. I like our dogs, and our cats, our cats are so fluffy. Is that a river?

Me: No it's actually a creek, rivers are much bigger

Cora: Oh. I'm good at stairs you know, you should go faster up these stairs

Me: Well I would Cora but I'm carrying you.


Me: Okay, how about you run for yourself the rest of the way

Cora: Oh poop.  I want to read my owl story again tonight. Madamme Duvette said its library tomorrow and we're doing the Terry Fox run, I think, yeah, I think so. Madamme Duvette said our play house station is going to be SO DIFFERENT FOR HALLOWEEN. Like maybe it'll have candy in it!

Me: Or maybe it'll look like a haunted house

Cora:  Oh yeah right. 

Me: We're home


How could you not want to "run" to that? And this barely scratches the surface of our dialogue :)